El que fuese batería de la banda Grizzly Bear ha anunciado hoy que primer disco como Fools saldrá el próximo 18 de mayo, y se llamará Fools´Harp Vol. I

Fools Harp vol I Christopher Bear Grizzly Bear

Según cuenta el propio Chris para Brooklyn Vegan, Fools´Harp Vol I es un ejercicio de introspección para descubrir la forma que podría tomar su música en un ámbito puramente instrumental, una base para la meditación y la música ambiental que últimamente han estado tan presentes en su vida. Su primer single «Deefyfe», es un buen ejemplo de ello.

Junto con este primer single, Bear ha lanzado una cover de la canción “Ida Lupino” de Carla Bley, que también podéis escuchar más abajo. Otro tema instrumental y totalmente experimental, encuadrado dentro del ambient pop.

Strange times to be announcing more music releases, but happy to see this making it’s way out into the world.

When I set out to start making this collection of music last summer, the intention was simple and open ended… to make a bunch of instrumental explorations, follow intuitions, and see what might take shape. The world was in a very different place, but some of the meditative and self-reflective qualities I found in making the music feel especially relevant today as I find myself seeking comfort in briefly transporting to another world during these unknown times. After a few weeks of musical excavation, a loose sonic thread started to form and I wound up dubbing a few cassettes to send to a couple friends and labels. I figured I’d wind up printing a few more tape copies and putting them up on Bandcamp, but was delighted and flattered to hear back from [Music From Memory] with an interest in putting out the release. I have been a longtime fan of their deep and inspiring catalogue, so much gratitude to Jamie & Tako for including me… I am truly honored. 😊

Also very stoked on the usage of [Matthew Palladino’s] magical artwork. Thank you Matthew!

Christopher Bear