Any Decent Music?, lleva muchos años sirviendo de grata guía para muchos de nosotros. Recopilando datos, críticas, novedades,… sobre todos (la mayoría) de discos notables que salen al mercado. Es como una agencia de rating musical. Es la S&P, la Fitch, la Moody´s de la música. Todas ellas gobernadas por el mundo anglosajón, algún día, por los chinos. 
En esta escala de ratings sobre discos de los últimos tiempos, destaca uno por encima de todos: Hadestown, de Anäis Mitchell
Este album folk-ópera conceptual fue lanzado por Righteous Babe Records el 9 de Marzo de 2010. Colaboraron vocalmente artistas de la talla de Justin Vernon (Bon Iver) o Ani DiFranco. El mito de Orfeo interpretado en su gira birtánica por más de 20 músicos. Orfeo (Justin Vernon) con la ayuda de Hermes (Knox Miller, de The Low Anthem), intercede ante los dioses Hades (Greg Brown) y Perséfone (Ani DiFranco) para volver con su esposa Eurídice (Anaïs Mitchell). Veinte canciones en un contexto grandilocuente que numerosos medios lo describieron y puntuaron de la siguiente manera:

10.0 |   The Sunday Times

Multi-layered, sensationally good and endlessly absorbing … A must-buy 

10.0 |   Drowned In Sound

That it works so brilliantly well, that in under an hour it creates a world you’ll want to return to time and time again, that it is a glittering model of the form – of collaboration itself – is nothing short of awe-inspiring 

10.0 |   The Guardian

A project like this runs the risk of dryness, but between them Mitchell and Chorney have created something joyful and witty that yields more with every listen 

10.0 |   Uncut

The songs are pithy, their arrangements sliding between country, gospel, Dixieland and string sextet. Print edition only 

9.0 |   Pop Matters

Rich, rewarding, moving, and beautiful, this is a wonderful record 

9.0 |   NME

It’s nothing short of incredible, whether you extract individual tracks … or listen to the endearing tale as an artfully rollicking whole 

8.5 |   The Line Of Best Fit

She’s more than a songwriter here: she’s an aural director, calling every shot and challenging every “actor” to go give their all both individually and as a collective. It’s the main reason that the album works as well as it does, despite its penchant for pomposity 

9.0 |   Rave Magazine

It’s ambitious and well-realised, conjuring a world in your head while you’re listening so vividly that you can practically see the performances. They all look excellent 

…Y sin embargo, a mí me cansa y me empalaga. 

***Notas medias generales discos últimos años:

  1. 8.9


    Anaïs Mitchell


    The Vermont folk singer-songwriter and guitarist with a «folk opera» album reworking the story of Orpheus and Eurydice
    Added: 25/04/2010
  2. 8.8

    My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

    Kanye West

    My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

    Fifth album of hip hop from one of the biggest egos in contemporary rap
    Added: 15/11/2010
  3. 8.7

    Let England Shake

    PJ Harvey

    Let England Shake

    The veteran alt.rock songstress enhances the folk rock roots she laid down on 2009’s White Chalk with bigger arrangements
    Added: 03/02/2011
  4. 8.6

    Pull Up Some Dust And Sit Down

    Ry Cooder

    Pull Up Some Dust And Sit Down

    Solo album number fifteen from the prolific roots guitarist and eclectic music collaborator
    Added: 01/09/2011
  5. 8.6

    The Suburbs

    Arcade Fire

    The Suburbs

    Third album from the Canadian indie rock multi-instrumentalists
    Added: 26/07/2010